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NAC Presentation

Nov 6th, Jordan Officer launches Blue Skies, a collection of the artist’s originals as well as songs that have had a special place in Jordan’s life. These songs, originally performed or written by artists ranging from Big Joe Turner and Louis Armstrong to modern greats such as Tom Waits and Bob Dylan are transformed and delivered in Jordan's tasteful, blues style. The virtuosity and intensity that were present in Jordan Officer's previous album I'm Free are still there, but so is the more delicate thoughtful approach that Jordan has been known for in his previous projects, and that earned him a place among the 342 « Great Jazz Guitarists » in the recent book by Scott Yanow, published by Hal Leonard, the biggest publisher of guitar methods and sheet music.

Jordan Officer keeps seducing the audience on both sides of the Atlantic, accompanied by two musicians. He will be back in Quebec from February 2016, after a European tour that will take place in November 2015.

His album Blue Skies presents the sum total of everything that defines this artist, both intellectually and instinctively. According to Jordan, “This album expresses all the shades of all the colours that inhabit my soul. Blues for sure, but also the jazz of my roots, country music, rock’n’roll. My instrument and my voice – nothing is taken for granted. Everything is there. This was not my original plan, but Blue Skies is everything that I am. For the first time ever.”

video: Jordan Officer 2016 - Baby What You Want Me To Do / Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Jordan Officer 2016 - Baby What You Want Me To Do / Lawdy Miss Clawdy
video: Jordan Officer - Blue Skies (Tom Waits cover)
Jordan Officer - Blue Skies (Tom Waits cover)