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Don’t let the title fool you. There isn’t a single sour note on The Lemon Squeeze, the latest from beloved Canadian singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher.

After developing a devoted fan base through five folk-influenced releases, Jeremy boldly ventures in a new direction with The Lemon Squeeze. This is clear from the opening track, “I Love You…So”; a tight pop tune owing more to Ben Folds than to any folk artist.

The end result was everything from Randy Newman-inspired piano ballads with strings, to Queen-esque guitar licks, to Billy Joel-styled pop. “I am definitely wearing my influences on my sleeve with this record,” admits Fisher quite openly.

Despite the fact that Fisher was inspired by albums on wax, The Lemon Squeeze doesn’t have that traditional flow. For this, Jeremy makes no apologies. “I grew up with albums and I feel driven to make albums as an artist. The way we listen to music is changing though and as much as I tried to create a cohesive body of work, The Lemon Squeeze plays like an album of singles. It was liberating to make every song on the record unique.”

video: Jeremy Fisher - UH-OH feat. Serena Ryder
Jeremy Fisher - UH-OH feat. Serena Ryder
video: Jeremy Fisher - The Bride Is Dead
Jeremy Fisher - The Bride Is Dead