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Powwow Boot Camp

Powwow Boot Camp

This event has passed
Powwow Boot Camp
Dance Masterclass Outreach

If you’re looking for a way to re-energize your training routine, look no further than POWWOW BOOT CAMP.

SANTEE SMITH, Artistic Director of KAHA:WI DANCE THEATRE, brings this high-energy Powwow/dance training class to Ontario Scene for anyone who would like to maximize their physical fitness while learning or practising Indigenous forms of Powwow and Onkehon:we (Iroquois) social dances. Performed in combination with exciting – and challenging – conditioning exercises and contemporary dance, Powwow Boot Camp is an intensive and fun boot camp-style workout.

Move, dance, and energize your body-mind-spirit with fabulous music in a social and invigorating environment. Come in your workout clothing with running shoes, and be sure to bring plenty of water.

Arrive early and be prepared to sweat!

Approximately 1 hour.

Powwow Boot Camp
Santee Smith © Nadya Kwandibens