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Molly Johnson

Chris Nichols

Molly Johnson at the Ontario Scene launch

Trevor Lush

Ask her about the frequent comparisons to Billie Holiday, and MOLLY JOHNSON will tell you: she’s not like Billie Holiday, she is because of Billie Holiday and the hard-won battles of an earlier generation of women and men. Molly’s most recent album, Because of Billie, is her tribute to Holiday’s heartbreaking childhood, and a portion of the CD’s revenues have gone to benefit Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada.

An award-winning and internationally acclaimed singer, and tireless philanthropist, Molly debuted at the tender age of four in Ed Mirvish’s Porgy and Bess and has continued to make her mark in theatre, rock, funk, disco, jazz, broadcasting, and charity work. Joined by ROBI BOTOS(piano) and TERRY CLARKE (drums), Molly’s smoky voice brings her own brand of sweetness and desire to Holiday’s songs, while never failing to invoke pure Holiday like no one else.