Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation

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Sophia Lee, Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation

Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company dancers, Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation

Samanta Katz

NAC Presentation

Approximately 1 hour and 52 minutes including intermission.

Created in celebration of the 75th Anniversary Season (2014-15) of Canada’s legendary Royal Winnipeg Ballet!

Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation is the brilliant result of a star-studded collaboration between the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, award-winning Canadian author Joseph Boyden, acclaimed choreographer Mark Godden, and renowned Canadian composer Christos Hatzis. Going Home Star was ten years in the making, first envisioned by late Cree elder/activist Mary Richard and RWB Artistic Director André Lewis. Searing and sensitive, this powerfully emotional classical ballet is the deeply resonant love story of Annie and Gordon, a pair of contemporary Aboriginal young people coming to terms with a souldestroying past. Hatzis’s multi-layered score incorporates music by Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq (winner of the 2014 Polaris Music Prize), Steve Wood, and the Northern Cree Singers.

Please note: Mature themes and content

This ballet is a vital contribution to the Canadian dance canon, and its four-province tour following Ottawa will provide many more opportunities for audiences to engage and reflect on the importance of reconciliation. - Cathy Levy, Executive Producer, Dance


ANNIE: Sophia Lee (28, 29) / Katie Bonnell (30)
GORDON: Liang Xing (28, 29) / Tristan Dobrowney (30)
NISKA: Alanna McAdie (28, 29) / Yoshiko Kamikusa (30)
CHARLIE: Yosuke Mino (28, 29) / Ryan Vetter (30)
CLERGY MAN: Dmitri Dovgoselets (28, 29) / Liam Caines (30)
MOTHER: Yayoi Ban (28, 29) / Jo-Ann Sundermeier (30)
FATHER: Thiago Dos Santos
URBAN PEOPLE: Sarah Davey, Manami Tsubai (28, 29) / Sarah Yeung (30), Yayoi Ban, Elizabeth Lamont (28, 29) / Amy Young (30),
Yoshiko Kamikusa (28, 29) / Jaimi Deleau (30), Stephan Possin, Thiago Dos Santos, Liam Caines (28, 29) / Tyler Carver (30), Egor Zdor, Tristan Dobrowney (28, 29) / Kostyantyn Keshyshev (30)
STAR CHILDREN: Manami Tsubai, Chenxin Liu, Yoshiko Kamikusa (28, 29) / Elizabeth Lamont (30), Amy Young, Jaimi Deleau,
Anna O’Callaghan, Katie Bonnell (28, 29) / Sarah Yeung (30), Stephan Possin, Ryan Vetter (Jan 28, 29) / Egor Zdor (Jan 30), Luzemberg Santana
CLERGY: Liam Caines (28, 29) / Tyler Carver (30), Stephan Possin, Luzemberg Santana, Tristan Dobrowney (28, 29) / Kostyantyn Keshyshev (30), Ryan Vetter (28, 29) / Philippe Larouche (30)
DIVINE LOUIS: Katie Bonnell (28, 29) / Sarah Yeung (30), Sarah Davey, Elizabeth Lamont (28, 29) / Alanna McAdie (30), Josh Reynolds,
Tyler Carver (28, 29) / Yosuke Mino (30), Egor Zdor

All Casting Subject to Change 

“Inspired and inspiring … may be the most important dance [ever] mounted by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.”

Robert Enright, CBC News


  • ​Joseph Boyden Story by
  • Mark Godden Choreographer
  • Christos Hatzis Composer
  • Tad Biernacki Conductor
  • Pierre Lavoie Lighting Designer
  • Paul Daigle Costume Designer
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