Tulugak: Inuit Raven Stories


Cultural pride

Tulugak: Inuit Raven Stories is a celebration of Inuit culture. The production demonstrates the pride that Inuit feel today in revitalizing and continuing to speak their language. Several dialects will be heard in the production, and some pieces will be presented in English as well.


Love and respect of each other and of nature

Inuit from across the Northern regions have come together to share their love of their culture, and to collaborate on this production. Many of the pieces demonstrate the joy we find in being together, singing and dancing. And Raven reminds us to look kindly upon one another, and to look after the Earth.



Myths and stories help us make sense of our world. In many cultures, storytelling gives you a moral – "don't do this, or else…". Think of Grimm's fairy tales, for example. Inuit mythology offers a wide range of options, and it is up to the listener to decide his or her values. Humanity is a tiny drop in a vast universe. It is up to us to make a choice to act.


Building community

This ensemble piece brings together Inuit performers from Nunavut, Nunavik and Greenland. They have had to work together to create this production. Sharing culture, tradition and a common goal builds community and benefits everyone involved.