Salt-Water Moon

Curriculum Connections

Grades 9-12: Canadian and World Studies Curriculum

Canadian Geography

  • To give students an overview of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly in the early 1920s.

Teacher Prompt: Has anyone visited Newfoundland and Labrador?

Canadian Economy

  • To facilitate discussion about Canada's changing economy, specifically in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador – from the collapse of the fisheries to Hibernia and beyond, and population migration based on employment opportunities.

Teacher Prompt: What sectors of the Canadian economy are driving employment right now? Where are the jobs in Canada right now?

Canadian History and Politics

  • To facilitate a discussion of Canada's role in World War I; Newfoundland's participation in World War I; Confederation in Newfoundland.

Teacher Prompt: Did anyone in your family tree serve in World War I?

Grades 9-12: Arts Curriculum

Exploring Forms and Cultural Contents

  • To discuss staging techniques, including set design, lighting, use of sound, character movement, and other techniques of dramatic arts.

Teacher Prompt: How did Jacob and Mary use body language to help convey emotion on stage?

Critical analysis

  • To identify ways in which drama can reflect who we are as individuals; to consider David French's contribution to Canadian theatre and the Canadian theatrical canon; to consider how French's work mirrors regional concerns.

Teacher Prompt: If you were to write a play about your region, what themes would you include?

Grades 9-12 English Curriculum


  • To write for different purposes. See the Activities section for several writing ideas.

Teacher Prompt: Do you think Jacob's departure would have had the same effect on Mary if they had been able to keep in touch through Facebook or e-mail?

Grades 9-12 Science Curriculum


  • To offer students an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with constellations, moon geography and observation of the night sky.

Teacher Prompt: Is there still a place for superstition and folklore in a world where science is now so pervasive?