King Lear


National Arts Centre English Theatre backgrounders:

William Shakespeare – an overview of his life, times and work.  

Aboriginal Theatre in Canada – an overview.


Aboriginal material:



Rupert Ross,Returning to the Teachings: Exploring Aboriginal Justice (1996)


Recommended Resources:



Suggested Readings:

Olive Dickason, Canada's First Nations (1992)

Boyce Richardson, Strangers Devour the Land (1975) & People of Terra Nullius (1993)

Vine Deloria, God is Red (1973) & Red Earth, White Lies (1995)

Chief Jacob Thomas, Teachings from the Longhouse (1994)

Edward Benton-Banai, The Mishomis Book (1988)

Geoffrey York, The Dispossessed: Life and Death in Native Canada (1989)

Joseph Boyden, Louis Riel & Gabriel Dumont (2010)

John Ralston Saul, A Fair Country (2008)

Howard Adams, Prison of Grass: Canada from a Native Point of View (1989) & Tortured People: The Politics of Colonization(1999)

Harold Cardinal & Walter Hildebrandt,Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan: Our Dream Is That Our Peoples Will One Day Be Clearly Recognized As Nations (2000)

T.C. McLuhan, Touch the Earth (1971)

Daniel N. Paul, We Were Not the Savages:Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations(2006)

Diane Hill, Ethnostress: The Disruption of the Aboriginal Spirit (1992) at:

Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples(1996)