Salt-Water Moon


Welcome to the study guide for Salt-Water Moon. In it you will find a synopsis of the play, information about the playwright, David French, as well as the historical context within which the play is set. You will also find writing, storytelling, and drama exercises which will prompt students to think creatively about the themes in the play, which include love, superstition vs. science, heroism and courage. If you have questions on how to use this study guide please contact Karen Gilodo, Education and Outreach Coordinator at   


David French: Writing Home

Learn more about David French and the Mercer plays! In conjunction with our production of Salt-Water Moon, and in association with Theatre Museum Canada, NAC English Theatre presents a retrospective exhibit of rare artifacts, text and images documenting the history of this important playwright and his place in Canadian theatre history.  FREE, NAC Theatre Lobby, Sept. 30 – Nov. 6, 2011 and online at

Study guide written by Pamela Levac