Tulugak: Inuit Raven Stories

Curriculum Connections

Grades 2-8: Arts Curriculum

Creating and Presenting

  • Develop aesthetic awareness of different performance styles: music, dance, storytelling, clown; create a dance piece that communicates feelings and ideas.


Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing

  • Apply the critical analysis process to consider how ensemble pieces communicate meaning without an obvious story line; consider how students and their classmates responded to the messages in the production.


Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts

  • Explore cultural traditions and innovations, specifically Inuit culture.
  • Examine how environmental issues can be dealt with through performance art.


Making Connections

  • Consider collaborating to create works with others and perform an ensemble piece; examine how the collaboration involved in this play allowed for a greater richness and variety.





Grades 2-8: Native Studies

Viewing and Understanding

  • Identify aspects of traditional and contemporary Inuit culture in Tulugak (instruments, language, song, dance, dress, mythology…).



  • Identify different reasons for using song, story and dance to communicate a message.


Grades 2-8: Social Sciences, History and Geography


·         Facilitate an understanding of Inuit culture around the world, including location, dialect, tradition, music and story.


Systems and Structure

·         Develop an understanding of the importance of cooperation within Inuit culture and the influence of the Northern environment on that society; also, consider how Southern culture has influenced the North.



·         Examine aspects of Inuit culture such as spirituality, communication and language, familial structures, diversity; compare the various Inuit cultures to one another.



Grades 2-8: Science

Environmental science

  • Facilitate a discussion of the impact of human activities on the world around us, specifically northern climates.
  • Consider the differences between various species of animal that we often confuse (crow/raven; chimp/monkey; leopard/jaguar, etc.).