• Writer Daniel Brooks
  • Director / Dramaturg Kim Collier

Set in Canada’s urban financial centres, The Full Light of Day tells the story of a mother who must contend with her husband’s corrupt legacy before she dies. The play takes place in a world of finance and real estate. It is a story about our cities, about power and about land, and about the things we do in order to flourish, and the drastic steps we sometimes must take in order simply to survive.

The Full Light of Day is a provocative film/theatre experiment for the stage which looks at crucial choices facing Canadians today - how to live, love and die in a world in transition. Bold characters, bracing text, wit, and suspense all mix together in this new script by award-winning artist Daniel Brooks. Celebrated world-wide for his provocative, conceptual, deeply intelligent work, Daniel joins forces with Electric Company Theatre founding artist and award-winning director Kim Collier in this new work for Canadian stages and beyond.


Electric Company Theatre is one of Canada’s leading creators of live theatre, rich in spectacle and adventurous in form, challenging theatrical conventions while preserving a strong sense of story. Electric Company has built a reputation for ground-breaking, ambitious productions.

Creative team

  • Writer Daniel Brooks
  • Director / Dramaturg Kim Collier
  • Dramaturg, VR Film Writer and Editor Kevin Kerr
  • Lighting Design Michael Walton
  • Set Design Julie Fox
  • Original Compositions Peter Allen
  • Director of Photography and Projection Design Brian Johnson
  • Projection Design Jamie Nesbitt
  • Costume Design Nancy Bryant
  • Sound Design Brian Linds
  • Stage Manager Louise Currie
  • Assistant Stage Manager Peter Jotkus
  • Featuring Gabriel Rose, Jim Mezon, Dean Paul Gibson, Haig Sutherland, Jenny Young, Jillian Fargey and Hiro Kanagawa

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $150,000 augmented Electric Company’s creative process by supporting a two-week workshop with the entire creative team and supported additional rehearsal time.  The investment also facilitated the creation of sophisticated, tourable scenery, and supported the company’s exploration of film/theatre hybrids by enabling a fully resourced film and VR shoot. 


Development and Producing Partners: National Arts Centre's National Creation Fund, Banff Centre for the Arts, Vancouver Civic Theatres, BMO Financial Group.

Commissioning Partner: National Arts Centre (English Theatre).

Partners in Creation: Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter, Creative BC, University Of Victoria.

Performance dates

Past performances

Previous Performances

January 9 to 12, 2019:  Premiere at the Vancouver Playhouse

June 7 to 13, 2019:  Bluma Appel Theatre (Toronto) presented by Canadian Stage and Luminato

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