• An original work by 2Fik

Romance ain’t dead, 2Fik! is a transdisciplinary project about self-representation in dating applications. 2Fik will portray 100 characters in a performance that combines visual art, digital art, performance and interactive theatre. The aim of the show is to question the transformation of social interactions and the commodification of human beings.

The trivialized environment of social networks has led to the construction of a virtual identity that is consciously—or unconsciously—used in dating applications in order to ultimately go on an actual date, where a face-to-face encounter finally allows us to find out whether the person we fantasized about through the screen meets our expectations.

© La Romance est pas morte, 2Fik!


Born in France into a Muslim family of Moroccan origin, 2Fik arrived in Montreal in 2003. The city became the backdrop for his work after he became aware of the questioning of identity prevalent in Quebec around multiculturalism, immigration and the French language. Alternately artistic director, photographer and model, 2Fik stages visual works in which he plays several characters. 2Fik seeks to deconstruct stereotypes, to question the vision we have of ourselves, and to catch in flagrante delicto the social programming that victimizes us with regard to gender, sexuality and beliefs. 

Creative team

  • An original work by 2Fik
  • Stage designer Max-Otto Fauteux
  • Lighting designer Paul Chambers
  • Application created by Silverorange

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $130,000 allowed 2Fik to widen the circle of his artistic associates and extend the development of the project, and supported the further refinement of the dating application. 


With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Festival TransAmériques (FTA), and the donors to the Kickstarter campaign for Romance À La 2Fik. 

Developed with the support of the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund. 

Performance dates

Past performances

Previous Performances

June 2 to 9, 2021:  World premiere, Place des Arts (Montreal), presented by Festival TransAmériques.

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