• Written, directed and performed by Marie Brassard

Violence is a work for adults inspired by the comments of a child. In a nebulous space, voices interweave to tell a story about an assassin to a young girl who does not want to go to sleep.

A reflection on the perception of time and the understanding of brutality. The show is a tribute to the unbridled imagination of childhood and the need for art as a tool for resistance and fulfillment in uncertain times.

Violence is the newest work by Marie Brassard, created in collaboration with artists of various practices and diverse backgrounds. Unfolding in two parts, this hybrid show is a blend of visual and sonic arts, of film realism and expressionistic theatre. 

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Infrarouge is a creation and production company that was founded in 2001 as a platform for Marie Brassard, who works with musicians and visual artists to create unique productions.  Blending voices and music, crossing different levels of reality, Marie’s shows carry viewers to a world in which the lines between private and public become blurred. Indeed, in this world, the relationships between humans and technology become intimate. Marie’s pieces have been presented and warmly received in many countries in the Americas and in Europe, as well as in Japan and in Australia.

Touring inquiries:

Menno Plukker (menno@mennoplukker.com)

Creative team

  • Written, directed and performed by Marie Brassard
  • Sound and live music Alexander MacSween
  • Stage design Antonin Sorel
  • Lighting design Mikko Hynninen
  • Video and live projections Sabrina Ratté
  • Live sound Andréa Marsolais-Roy
  • Technical direction Mateo Thébaudeau
  • Production direction Andrew de Freitas

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $190,000 made it possible for Infrarouge to bring together a diverse group of international artists for an extended development period, and provided additional workshop time to fully explore the complex integration of live sound and projections.


In collaboration with Usine C and Festival TransAmériques (Montreal), NAC French Theatre (Ottawa), the Göteborg Dance and Theater Festival and the Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts (Sweden), and Theater der Welt (Düsseldorf, Germany). 

With support from the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Developed with support from the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund.

Performance dates

Past performances

Upcoming Performances

March 3 to 5, 2022:  Babs Asper Theatre, presented by NAC French Theatre.

March 10 to 20, 2022:  Usine C (Montreal)

Previous Performances

September 24 and 25, 2021:  Peiraios 260 (Athens), presented by the Athens Epidaurus Festival.

May 27 to 30, 2021:  World premiere.  Théâtre Jean-Duceppe (Montreal), presented by Festival TransAmériques.

May 15 to 16, 2020: Central, Große Bühne (Düsseldorf), presented by Festival Theater der Welt 2020 - postponed

Introduction to Violence

May 1 to 4, 2019: Usine C (Montreal)

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