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Ghost Opera

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop Calgary
  • Music by Veronika Krausas
  • Libretto by André Alexis
  • Directed by Judd Palmer, Pete Balkwill and Pityu Kenderes

Ghost Opera is an ambitious production from the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Calgary’s renowned masters of puppetry for adults.  Combining the grandeur of contemporary opera with the Faustian magic of puppetry, it’s an Ancient Greek ghost story told by ghosts – with the living enacted by people-size puppets.

With music by celebrated composer Veronika Krausas, and libretto by Giller Prize-winning author André Alexis, Ghost Opera is by turns absurd and spooky, like a great horror film. It’s also a real rumination on what it means to be alive, and what it means that we have to die.


The Old Trout Puppet Workshop was founded on a ranch in southern Alberta in 1999 by a group of artists excited by the undiscovered potential of the medium of puppetry. They are now one of Canada’s most creative companies, producing innovative theatre shows as well as sculptures, films, children’s books, music and paintings.  In addition to creating and touring their own work across the country and around the world, the Trouts have also lent their mastery of puppets and design to acclaimed productions such as the Vancouver Opera’s Hansel and Gretel and NAC English Theatre’s Twelfth Night.

Creative team

  • Music by Veronika Krausas
  • Libretto by André Alexis
  • With additional text by Judd Palmer, Pete Balkwill, Pityu Kenderes and Veronika Krausas
  • Directed by Judd Palmer, Pete Balkwill and Pityu Kenderes
  • Sets, Costumes, and Puppets Designed by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop
  • Lighting Design and Technical Direction Terry Middleton
  • Puppet Costume Design Jen Gareau

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund’s investment of $205,000 supported additional workshop time for an enhanced team of puppeteers and technicians to work with more elaborate sets and puppets and explore the integration of aerial elements into the work.


Produced by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop in partnership with Calgary Opera, the Timepoint Ensemble, and the Performing Arts Residency Program at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Developed with support from the NAC’s National Creation Fund, Opera America’s Opera Grants for Female Composers program (supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation), the Canada Council’s New Chapter program, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Calgary Arts Development Authority.

Recent updates

June 4, 2019

Old Trouts Prove There’s Nothing They Can’t Do

By Lori Montgomery After seeing the Old Trouts’ latest show, Ghost Opera, part of me wondered — what on earth took them so long to create an opera? Their previous shows (among them The Ice King and The Unlikely Birth of Istvan) are operatic in theme and scale, and in retrospect... Read more

May 21, 2019

After life: Old Trout Puppet Workshop tackle the ghosts in new opera

By Eric Volmers Judd Palmer and his cohorts at The Old Trout Puppet Workshop always ask a preliminary question before setting out to design and produce a new show. Why is this a puppet show? Given that the Calgary company is one of the country’s most prominent puppet theatres,... Read more

April 29, 2019

Live in the Studio: Visiting the Old Trout Puppet Workshop

By: Vanessa Porteous To reach Calgary’s Old Trout Puppet Workshop, you knock on the door of an unprepossessing Quonset hut, squeeze through the lean-to they use for an office, then finally set foot inside the studio, where an otherworldly vibe possesses you. Puppets gaze down from... Read more

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Performance dates

Previous Performances

World Premiere May 24, 2019:  Eric Harvie Theatre, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

May 27 to June 9, 2019:  The GRAND (Calgary) in collaboration with Calgary Opera

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