Festival Mémoire et Racines

July 26-30, 2023

Joliette, Quebec
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Created in 1995, Festival Mémoire et Racines morphed from a locally-focussed event to one that now attracts festival goers and artists from all around the world. This celebratory gathering promotes Quebecois traditional arts; including music, dance and storytelling as a way to support its mission of both the transmission of living heritage and the development of a well-rooted regional culture.

In addition to ensuring the sustainability of cultural heritage the festival works to minimize its ecological footprint through a variety of sustainable practices. The festival also supports the local economy by prioritizing local suppliers. 

“We can feel the pride of those who founded this festival. It is impossible to hide a certain nostalgia here; one of time passing, of a moment of pure joy that inspite of the connection we feel still manages to slip away.”

Journal de Quebec

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