Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée

July 28-August 5, 2023

Petite Vallée, Quebec
Petite-vallee cr alexandre-cotton
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Petite-vallee3 cr alexya-croteau-gregoire
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Petite-vallee2 cr alexya-croteau-gregoire
Petite-vallee cr jean-charles-labarre
Petite-vallee cr nathalie-dion
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Petite-vallee4 cr alexya-croteau-gregoire
Petite-vallee cr alexya-croteau-gregoire

The Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée is dedicated to the celebration of Francophone music, through the presentation of an eclectic programming that reflects the diversity and richness of the Quebec music scene. This event serves as a stepping stone to the next generation of singer songwriters by providing opportunities for showcasing new talent in front of supportive audiences in their “Escales en chanson” series. For 10 days more than 20,000 festival goers arrive in this small village of 140 people to participate in truly unique artistic encounters.

“According to the legend, as it was told to me, a group of rather crazy young people decided in 1983 to organize a small annual event for locals and their children who were visiting their parents on vacation. Four decades later and after having played a big part in the success of several big names on the Quebec music scene, the festival continues to grow and continues to change the character of this small village of less than 200 inhabitants more and more over time. All this despite a pandemic and two fires that destroyed significant parts of the festival site. Unlike an Osheaga or a Jazzfest, barriers (both physical and social) are few here. When an artist finishes their show, they leaves the stage to come and sit directly in the room, have a beer offered by a spectator or discuss with the village mechanic the best options for a van that is falling apart. This promiscuity induced by the human size of the village contributes greatly to the spirit and influence of the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée.”


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