Chefs Minette Lotz & Stacy Johnston

Last updated: February 22, 2022

Chef Minette Lotz’s passion is for terroir-driven and locally-sourced ingredients. An avid forager, Minette finds her inspiration from exploring her surroundings and discovering new flavour combinations. A firm believer in what grows together, goes together, Minette creates dishes that are true to the exact time, place, and season they are created in.  

Chef Stacy Johnston believes that the ingredients make the dish. Growing up on her grandparents’ homestead ingrained in Stacy a deep appreciation for excellent farming practices. Focusing on her food system ‘from the ground up’, Stacy strives to create food that tells the story of the ingredients, their farmers, and the season. 

In 2013, Minette and Stacy met in the kitchen. Their combined passion saw them cooking across western Canada, including working with Oceanwise and opening farm-to-table restaurants.

In 2020, Minette and Stacy helped open the Naramata Inn, a terroir-driven dining experience in the heart of BC’s Okanagan Valley.

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