Charlotte Langley |
Culinary curator & MSC ambassador

Charlotte Langley

Never bound by titles or labels, Charlotte Langley is constantly reinventing herself and what it means to be a chef, culinary curator, entrepreneur, ambassador for sustainability and champion of the people and causes she believes in. 

Hailing from PEI, Charlotte embodies what her peers often call “Maritime Chic” – a love for honest food shared with warmth, charm and that famed East Coast hospitality that has chefs, farmers, restaurants, collaborators and clients across provinces and borders knocking on her door.

Over 20 years of honing her expertise working with and elevating seafood has taken her through some of the country’s most recognized restaurants (C Restaurant, Whalesbone, Catch, Rodney’s Catering) and in 2014, led her to create Canada’s most trusted seafood brand,Scout Canning.  

Since then, she has expanded her repertoire with Scout Events, A Culinary experience org, judging culinary competitions, being featured on TV and in multiple print articles, participating in speaking panels and, in 2017, becoming Ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). It is in this role that Charlotte helps educate about the importance of caring for the oceans that provide for and feed millions and inspire chefs and consumers alike to choose certified sustainable and traceable seafood. 

For Charlotte there is no greater pleasure or privilege than to play, share, laugh, educate, nurture and love through food.