Mozart v2

About this resource

Welcome to Let’s Go Mozart!, your guide to the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, designed specifically for elementary educators and their students. This comprehensive resource highlights Mozart’s early years, family, travels, and lasting contributions to music. Beyond exploration of Western music history and traditions, this educator resource introduces students to classical music’s transformative power, citing Mozart as a timeless cultural icon.

This multifaceted resource includes a variety of student activities and teaching aids for educators, covering language arts, music, dance, and visual arts, ensuring a multidisciplinary educational experience.

Including creative lesson plans, ideas, activities, and pedagogy throughout, this resource equips educators to bring Mozart’s world to life in the classroom and invites them to craft their own interactive learning experiences about the beauty and complexities of art from the Age of Enlightenment.

Originating from Canada’s NAC Orchestra’s United States and Mexico Tour in 2003, Let’s Go Mozart! has reached over 20,000 educators and introduced more than a million children to the wonders of Mozart’s music. As part of the NAC’s ongoing commitment to music education, this revitalized digital presentation serves as a gateway to discovering the magic of Mozart, hoping to inspire new generations of musicians and music lovers through immersion and adventure.

  • Credits

    English Text: Robert Markow

    Teacher and Student Activities: Alison Kenny-Gardhouse, Catherine West

    Translation: Alain Cormier (French), Susana Wald (Spanish)

    Illustrations: Bill Slavin

    Education Editors: Geneviève Cimon, Claire Speed

    Photo Research: Helene Brabec-Steiner

    Project Director: Geneviève Cimon