Passenger pick-up and drop-off at these entrances

From the street

From the street

The new NAC’s main entrance on Elgin Street is now open.

From the garage

From the NAC Garage

More than 90 percent of our parking spots are available during the renovation.

Follow the signs to the NAC Foyer to access all the performance venues.

Parking garage map

Find your seats

Once in the Main Foyer, you will be directed by colorful signs and helpful volunteers to your performance venue. 

NAC floor plan

Southam Hall, is our largest performing hall, with 2,065 seats. NAC Orchestra, Broadway, NAC Dance Ballet and Series A shows all take place on this stage. Seating chart

The Babs Asper Theatre is our second largest performance space, with 897 seats. This venue features shows from English Theatre, French Theatre, NAC Presents and Dance Series B. Seating chart

The Azrieli Studio is an intimate dance, theatre and music performance venue that does not have reserved seating. Arrive early and get the best seats!

The Fourth Stage is our most intimate performance space with no reserved seating.