The Transformations Project

TRANSFORMATIONS: you deserve everything you have - a meditation for billionaires

By Morgan Gardner & Rosamund Small / Soulpepper Theatre Company

If having too much power and wealth is weighing on you, let playwright Rosamund Small and composer Morgan Gardner wash your troubles away. In Canada, wealth is increasingly funnelled to the billionaire class at the expense of everybody else. As a billionaire yourself, have you felt judged for this? Have anxiety, stress and self-doubt crept in? Let this video ease those worries. While you degrade the lives of everyone else in society, it's important to take time for you.

We work and live in Toronto/Tkaronto, the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat First Nation who have a treaty relationship with Canada.

Making fun of billionaires is good to do. They are the absurd product of the system of perpetual violence, extraction and consumption that governs our lives. They aren’t normal, and they shouldn’t exist. However, naming the ultra-wealthy our enemy does not mean that we are exempt from perpetuating the same logics of capital that produced them.

In acknowledging the Indigenous Nations of this territory, we acknowledge that, as white settlers, we have materially benefited from Canada’s colonial history at the direct expense of Indigenous people. We are on a journey to work to undo that.

Commissioned by Soulpepper Theatre Company.  With music composed and produced by Morgan Gardner and text and performance by Rosamund Small