The Transformations Project

TRANSFORMATIONS: sixty seven moo(n)s

By Alyssa Martin and Brayden Cairns / Canadian Stage

sixty seven moo(n)s brings artists Brayden Cairns and Alyssa Martin to rural Ontario to push their dreams through an energetic colander. The resulting refraction hopes to inspire us all to see the details in Brayden, ourselves, our friends and our fellow beings as a means to joyfully and curiously investigate our realities as we all wiggle on under the comforting glow of summer’s Jupiter.

Created and recorded on the Traditional Territories of the Mississauga and Anishinabek Nations near Madoc, Ontario. We’re extraordinarily grateful to have had the opportunity to work and play here and we thank all the generations of people who have taken care of this land for thousands of years.

As we continue to learn about how to contribute as better, less violent, more aware individuals, we’re trying to dismantle the structures that many of our settler ancestors have installed while we practice our work in an anti-colonial, more compassionate manner. In our dance-specific realm, this includes examining the ways in which eurocentric traditions have seeped into our working methods, acknowledging the ways in which these traditions may make certain individuals feel excluded and making shifts necessary to provide a safe environment for anyone who engages with our work.

We honour the original caretakers of this land and we honour the many Indigenous people who live across Turtle Island today. We will work together and continue along our lifelong journeys to do our part to better preserve the land in conjunction with our communities.

Commissioned by Canadian Stage. Music by Austin Anonsen and Alyssa Martin.