The Cycle

The Repast: Indigenous Theatre, Part 2

The Cycle 2014-2015

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Our first cycle engaged deeply with Indigenous Theatre, taking us to Banff and then to Manitoulin Island. We convened Indigenous leaders, artists and students from across the country, and then invited the wider national theatre community to share in our findings at the cycle’s conclusion. 

Between May 5-16, 2015, in collaboration with Debajehmujig Storytellers and Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA), theatre creators, students and scholars gathered on Manitoulin Island to immerse themselves in The Study. Together, participants explored aspects of the Indigenous body of performance work created across this vast land. The Study culminated in The Repast, an extended two-day presentation and conversation event which we believe has the potential to fundamentally change the face of Canadian theatre.

The Repast is a two-day immersive and installation event featuring in-depth conversations with a variety of artists by, for, and about Indigenous work in theatres and communities across this land.

Join this session to hear artists from across this country share their knowledge, expertise and insights about the state of Indigenous Theatre now.

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