Indigenous Theatre at the NAC is proud to present a collection of virtual offerings for people of all ages to observe Orange Shirt Day and the first ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. These offerings highlight the strength and resilience of Indigenous cultures. They aim to educate both students and the general public about the effects of colonialism and the repercussions of residential schools on Indigenous peoples. 

Indigenous Theatre’s week of Truth and Reconciliation is a time to tell our stories.

“Our programming is an opportunity to educate and share the truths of Indigenous peoples with the rest of the country because, without truth there can be no reconciliation. These activities help us reclaim the things that residential schools tried to erase. The Day for Truth and Reconciliation is also a time to celebrate, to tell our stories and share the beauty and vibrancy of our communities. Our hope is that these educational offerings will shed light on how folx outside of the Indigenous community can support us and walk with us moving forward.”
Kevin Loring, Artistic Director of NAC Indigenous Theatre