NACO Lunch Break

NACO Lunch Break: Jacques-François Gallay

with Louis-Pierre Bergeron

In today's NACO Lunch Break, our 4th horn Louis-Pierre Bergeron shares his passion for the natural horn, the ancestor of the modern horn we now use in the orchestra. It's an instrument he describes as ''rudimentary in its construction - a five-meter tube, without valves, pistons or holes -, treacherous but capable of amazing expressivity.''

The notes are produced by the lips, using the harmonic series of the horn, and ''bended'' by the right hand in the bell. Each note has its own distinct colour, which can be surprising at first! You'll understand why great composers like Handel, Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms had a fascination for the natural horn!

In this video, Louis-Pierre brings us to the forest - the horn's natural habitat - to perform a Grand Caprice by Jacques-François Gallay.