2017 | Echo Henoche – Nunatsiavut  

From the Curator
“This is Nain’s extraordinary illustrative artist Echo Henoche’s first animated film. Henoche was inspired to make art from watching her grandfather Gilbert Hay make his sculptures. She learned how to tell a powerful story in one image. For this film she hand drew endless elements to make her drawings move. In Shaman, Henoche tells the story of an angakuk using his strength to protect his community from danger. This story happened way back when in Nain.” 

- - -

Granddaughter of acclaimed Inuk artist Gilbert Hay, Echo Henoche grew up surrounded by Inuit art, crafts and storytelling. Raised in the tightly knit community of Nain, on Labrador’s North Coast, Henoche has spent her life immersed in Labrador Inuit culture: living on the Land, studying Inuktitut at school and learning to make traditional crafts and clothing. Self-taught, Henoche developed her unique art style from depicting what she knows best: the landscapes, animals and people of northern Labrador.

Director: Echo Henoche
Participation: Althaya Solomon, Karrie Obed, Echo Henoche
Hand Drawn Animation: Echo Henoche
Mentoring Animators: David Seitz, Élise Simard, Glenn Gear
Story Consultant: Asinnajaq
Cultural Consultants: Asinnajaq, Michelle E. Smith
Compositors: David Seitz, Glenn Gear
Music Supervisor: Luigi Allemano
Sound Design: Luigi Allemano
Foley: Karla Baumgardner
Production Managers: Mylène Augustin, Dara Moats
Researcher: Michelle E. Smith
Online Editor: Yannick Carrier
Titles: Jacques Bertrand Simard
Head, Technical Resources: Pierre Ferlatte, Steve Hallé, Julie Laperrière
Technical Director: Eloi Champagne
Technical Animation Coordinator: Randall Finnerty
Project Technical Coordinators: Jean-Francois Laprise, Daniel Lord
Digital Editing Technicians: Pierre Dupont, Isabelle Painchaud, Patrick Trahan
Recording: Geoffrey Mitchell
Re-Recording Mixer: Jean Paul Vialard
Mentors: Claire Blanchet, Fred Casia, Glenn Gear, Jonothan Ng, Hyun Jin Park, David Seitz, Élise Simard, Asinnajaq, Jonathan Wright
Trainers: Claire Blanchet, Fred Casia, Glenn Gear, Jonothan Ng, Hyun Jin Park, David Seitz, Élise Simard, Asinnajaq, Jonathan Wright
Inuktitut Translation: Joan Dicker
Marketing Manager: Geneviève Bérard
Publicist: Pat Dillon
Publicity Stills: Barry Pottle
Publicity Video: Angel Trasgallo Carpio
Senior Production Coordinator: Isabelle Limoges
Production Coordinator: Christine Williams
Transportation Coordinator: Melina Mesher
Program Administrators: Leslie Anne Poyntz, Camila Blos
Business Affairs: Christian Pitchen
Producer: Kat Baulu
Executive Producer: Annette Clarke
Executive Director: Michelle van Beusekom