2009 | Jobie Weetaluktuk – Inukjuak – MTL

From the Curator:
“This short film was directed by Nunavik’s award-winning director Jobie Weetaluktuk, my father. Using archival images, and a creative sound track, Weetaluktuk depicts the difficult relationship of culture and commodification. The art of the short film is one of precision. I have yet to see a short film – two minutes! – that communicates as complex an idea as well as Inukshop has. This film is a masterpiece.”

- - -
Jobie is an Inuk, who grew up at Inukjuak, Nunavik – Quebec. He teaches Inuktitut and has been a journalist, filmmaker, writer, translator and a learner. He is a promoter of Inuit and Inuktitut language. He speaks about Inuit, history, social matters that relate to Inuit and general society.

Writer & Director: Jobie Weetaluktuk
Story Consultants: Cynthia Knight, Diego Briceno
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Hessler
Senior Editing Consultant: Diego Briceno
Editing Consultant: Tyson Hodgson
Music: Alain Auger
Online Editor: Yannick Carrier
Titles: Gaspard Gaudreau
Sound Editing: Don Ayer
Mix: Luc Leger
Sound Researcher: Meghan Maike
Production Coordinators: Camila Blos, Heather Gibb, Christine Williams
Program Administrators: Stephanie Brown, Cyndi Forcand
Technical Supervisors: Steve Hallé, Scott Collins
Digital Editing Supervisor: Danielle Raymond
Digital Editing Technician: Isabelle Painchaud
Marketing Manager: Leslie Stafford
Producers: Kat Baulu, Joe MacDonald, Vanessa Loewen
Associate Producer: Dara Moats
Executive Producers: Derek Mazur, Peter Strutt