Welcome to our fourth video on conducting technique.  Now we're going got to talk about what the left hand can do. Well, it's just as versatile as the right hand, and as your conducting technique develops, and as your experience develops you may choose to indicate everything with the left hand. There's really no limit to what it can do.

And when it comes to the beating patterns, giving entries, things that we've talked about in the last two videos - all the same principles apply, as with the right hand. So if you're going to beat a bar, keep it nice and smooth. Learn how to do that. Learn how to give impulses. There are a lot of other things that the left hand offers us in conjunction with the right hand.

We all know how easy it is to mirror your gestures on both sides of the body. I can't emphasize enough how useful it is to develop independence. The first days, the first weeks will be difficult. Maybe even the first month. It takes many years to refine and it's always a refining process. But please believe me that it's worthwhile.

Because ultimately, you have far more opportunities to express yourself, if you have that independence. And also, if these independent sides of your body are relaxed and internalise the movements you can start to listen and look more when you're conducting.