Why a late blooming arts lover is supporting the NAC

The segals cropped
Michael and Hedy Segal © Photo submitted

Lawyer Michael Segal admits he wasn’t much of an arts lover in his youth. “I grew up with sports,” he says.  “It was my wife, Hedy, who studied music and introduced me to the performing arts.”

And so, Michael didn’t know what to expect when Hedy took him to his first ballet at the NAC many years ago. “The sound of the dancers’ feet landing on the stage was louder than it was on television. It struck me as funny and I started laughing,” recalls Michael. “Hedy was so embarrassed it was 20 years before she took me to the ballet again.”

A lot has changed since then. Today, Michael and Hedy attend the NAC about twice a month. They frequent the opera, ballet and Broadway series, but it is the NAC Orchestra that has found a special place in Michael’s heart. “You can’t replicate the sound of a live orchestra on an MP3,” says Michael.

In fact, Michael has gotten so much joy from the performing arts he decided it was time to give back by becoming a supporter of the NAC Foundation’s Corporate Club. In so doing, Michael joined business leaders who support the NAC as it champions artists, students and educators across the country.

“It’s the best deal in town,” Michael says. “It allows you to support the arts, receive a tax credit and enjoy the many privileges. The Concierge Service goes out of their way for you, finding you great seats when you need to change your tickets at the last minute. Even having a reserved parking place is a real plus.”

But Michael says the real privilege of supporting the Corporate Club is the satisfaction that comes with donating to something he feels passionate about – the future of the performing arts. “You want to help the arts endure and give generations the chance to enjoy them like you do.”

With this in mind, Michael is pleased to support the National Youth and Education Trust which funds initiatives that nurture and develop the creativity of young people across Canada.

“I believe an appreciation for the arts is something you develop a taste for like I did. Now I support the NAC to nurture that taste in future generations and in my own grandchildren, who will be introduced to the ballet and opera this coming year.”
Michael Segal, lawyer

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