It’s Wilde Time! The 2014-15 English Theatre Ensemble begin work on The Importance of Being Earnest

Since her arrival in 2012, NAC English Theatre Artistic Director Jillian Keiley envisioned an Ensemble of artists that would represent and influence each chosen season. The 2014-15 Ensemble came together through a nation-wide search by her and Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley.

In putting together a season, Ms Keiley explained, “We bring in our treasured Ensemble, and program shows we think will feature them beautifully. Then we complete our season by presenting some of the most brilliant stage works from across the country."

The NAC English Theatre’s 2014-15 Ensemble serves as the inspiration for the season’s selection of plays. This group of ten distinguished artists from across the country will combine their talents and bring their unique voices of Canada to the NAC Stage.

“Almost two years ago we recognized a few talents that had great political intelligence and a wonderful handle on comedy,” said Ms. Keiley. “Then we began to match them with other artists whom we thought would be inspirational to the original few.”

Arriving on September 22, this talented group has been deep in rehearsals for opening production of the season with Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, directed by Ted Dykstra. They continue their journey at the NAC through February, appearing in the upcoming holiday production Alice Through the Looking-Glass and the political drama Stuff Happens, as well as being involved in workshops, the development of new plays, and the education of young people.

As the season hits the ground running, it is an honour to welcome the artists from across Canada and beyond who will make up the 2014-15 Ensemble: Lois Anderson (Vancouver, BC); Herbie Barnes (Toronto, ON); Natasha Greenblatt (Toronto, ON); Amy Matysio (Regina, SK/Toronto, ON); Tawiah M’Carthy (Accra, Ghana/Toronto, ON); Alex McCooeye (Montreal, QC/Toronto, ON); Andrew Moodie (Ottawa, ON/Toronto, ON); Christopher Morris (Markham, ON/Toronto, ON); Karen Robinson (Kingston, Jamaica/Toronto, ON); and David Warburton (Stockport, Cheshire, UK/Ottawa, ON).

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