September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.

Vic and Flo Boyko: Dedicated to sparking a love for the arts in the generations that follow

© Photo: David Huddlestone

Vic and Flo Boyko have been there from the beginning. The couple still remembers their excitement when the National Arts Centre was built in 1969. They happily toured the new building.

“Our passion is the NAC Orchestra but we’ve seen all kinds of performances in all the venues at the NAC over the years,” says Vic. “I enjoy watching people who are passionate about the arts—to see artists from the time they’re first bursting onto the scene and then watch their career develop.”

Flo agrees and is grateful for the opportunity to experience world-class music close to home.  “The arts add a layer of joy to our lives and it’s wonderful to have this creative offering in our community,” she says.  “There’s nothing I enjoy more than experiencing the beauty of music in such a beautiful setting at the NAC.”

The performing arts, which Flo calls “food for the soul”, have been such a big part of their lives for so long, the couple wanted to find a special way to give back.  Together, they made the decision to leave a gift in their Will for the NAC Foundation.

“I remember when we first talked about it many years ago,” Vic recalls. “We liked the programming the NAC offers to young people to introduce them to the arts, as well as their dedication to helping young artists with their career.  That along with our love for the arts is the reason we put the NAC Foundation in our Will.”

In fact, the Boykos are so passionate about making a lasting impact they encourage others to consider it too.  “Making a gift in your Will is a chance to inspire others in the future.  By supporting things like education and cross-country tours you can spark a love for the arts in the generations that follow,” Flo says.

It’s been decades since Flo and Vic attended their first performance at the NAC, but the feeling of watching something magical unfold on the stage hasn’t changed.  “We know the experience will be uplifting and rewarding,” says Vic.  “We drive home afterward, moved by what we saw.  We don’t turn on the radio.  We just enjoy the music still playing in our heads.”

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