Twitter is a Buzz about The Lord of the Rings in Concert!

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings In Concert opened last night and the twitter world is a buzz:

@Adam_Stacey Best moment of my life? ‪#NAC‬ ‪#LOTR

@dmitchellppf The Fellowship of the Rings performed live in concert at the ‪#NAC in Ottawa. HUGE success! #Tolkien‬ ‪#LOTR

@CupcakeAndTea Saw #nacolotr‬ lord of the ring performance it was so much fun! I recommend to get tickets ;)

@BrianMCarroll I love it when I take a guest to NACO and they say "WOW! Next time I'm buying my own tickets!" cc/ @CanadasNAC ‪#NACOLotR ‪#needanewguest :-)

@NadineThornhill@canadasnac It was like riding a roller coaster. I'm all, "I wanna go again! I wanna go again!" :-)

@Agent_Dcurtis @CanadasNAC OMG! If you are a fan of The Lord of Rings trilogy, this event is one you will not want to miss!!!!

@thannskincare emotional r we :)“ When Gandalf first appeared on the @CanadasNAC screen, I almost cried!”

@20YS A definite must-see! #NACOLotR is such a wonderful treat! LORD OF THE RINGS taken to a whole new level!

@coffeewithjulie Longest standing ovation I've seen @canadasNAC in years! Lord of the Rings with orchestra

@Cedgell The Lord of the Rings live symphony was astoundingly good. Well done @CanadasNAC! MT  #NAC ‪#LOTR ‪#concert

@kmwebott To experience "Fellowship of the Ring" with live music at @CanadasNAC is something that won't soon be forgotten. ‪#NACOLotR

@DanniYetman Spectular #LotR performance by @CanadasNAC Orchestra -- music envelops you & heightens the whole experience. Saruman vs. Gandalf phenomenal!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings In Concert continues Friday and Saturday - don't miss out!

And make sure to dress up in costume and get your photo at the Middle Earth Tavern! Tag and/or text your photos to or  Twitter (@NACOrchCNA) at #NACOLotR and you will have a chance to win 1 of 3 The Lord of the Rings posters, signed by Composer Howard Shore!

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