This Fall…Classics Turned on Their Heads!

Andy raoul blog-2
Andy Jones and Raoul Bhaneja

During rehearsals for Tartuffe, Andy Jones and Raoul Bhaneja had a little fun, turning themselves upside down as the English Theatre season gets ready to kick off with twists on classics works!

October brings a riotous production of Molière’s Tartuffe, adapted by and featuring CODCO’s Andy Jones and, under the direction of Jillian Keiley, moves the action from 1660s Paris to 1939 Newfoundland.  Next up in November a play that has been a huge hit across Canada, the US, and the UK, Raoul Bhaneja’s one-man take on Shakespeare, performing all 17 characters in HAMLET (solo).  

And that's just for openers - It’s going to be an exciting season for English Theatre!

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