The Young Artists Program: the next generation of orchestral musicians

Founded by Pinchas Zukerman in 1999, the National Arts Centre's Young Artists Program is an intensive training program for outstanding classical musicians. Alumni include NAC Orchestra musicians Jethro Marks (principal viola), Donnie Deacon (principal second violin), Jessica Linnebach (associate concertmaster) and Sean Rice (second clarinet). There are also a number of NAC Orchestra musicians on the faculty including cellist Carole Sirois, who began teaching with the program when the precollege level was created. "The teachers are all passionate about what they’re doing." explains Carole. "There’s an ideal to be reached. There are goals of excellence and of beauty that are carried.”

Sharing the joy of music-making has always been fundamental for Carole, whether it be on stage or in the practice room. She firmly believes that without this passion for creative collaboration a student cannot be successful. This attitude is exemplified in the structure of the Young Artists Program. "There is a mix of instruments, and a very deep study of some chamber music repertoire, some solo repertoire as well with individual lessons. All the young participants work really hard, both individually and in small chamber groups. From one day to another they are expected to show progress. I find that it’s a very inspiring time of the year, for me as well as for my colleagues, and I know for the students too, for sure."

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