The Next Act: The NAC’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

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We are releasing The Next Act, our 3-Year Strategic plan, in a period of upheaval for the performing arts that includes the tremendous challenges posed to artists, performing arts centres and venues by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the widespread recognition of the need to eliminate racism from our institutions.

The Next Act outlines the National Arts Centre’s plan to lead and support the renewal of the Canadian performing arts sector over the next three years by focusing on its renewal, long-term resiliency and impact through dynamic artistic leadership, community building, learning and innovation and operational sustainability.

Discover what will be The Next Act

“At the NAC, we see an opportunity for profound change. We imagine a vibrant, renewed performing arts ecosystem that includes a wider spectrum of stories, cultures and artists. We imagine greater access and opportunities for engagement with the performing arts for all. We imagine a strong, adaptable sector that embraces innovation and fosters the next generation of performing artists, audiences and cultural leaders. With The Next Act, our 3-Year Plan, we commit to leading and supporting the growth of a renewed performing arts sector—not a resurrection of the old, but instead a transformation into something new.”
- Christopher Deacon, President and CEO of the NAC

Our 3-Year Strategic Plan is guided by five values – Inclusion, Creativity, Generosity, Sustainability and Engagement – and a vision statement:

Over the next three years, the NAC will lead and support the renewal of the Canadian performing arts sector. Through collaboration and investment in creation, production, co-production, and dissemination, along with a heightened focus on community engagement, learning, and innovation, the NAC will shape a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for the performing arts in Canada.

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