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Q & A: Susan Peterson d’Aquino & Thomas d’Aquino – Southam Hall 2017-18 Seat Campaign

Susan Peterson d’Aquino & Thomas d’Aquino, Honorary Co-Chairs of the 2017–2018 NAC Foundation Southam Hall Seat Campaign © Luther Caverly

Honorary Co-Chairs of the 2017–2018 NAC Foundation Southam Hall Seat Campaign

Q. In addition to being trailblazers in Canada’s public and private sectors*, you are both long-time volunteers and donors to the arts. What compels you to give so generously?

A. We just want to make people’s lives richer by bringing them the best of the arts.

Q. What is your role for this campaign?

A. Our task is to inspire arts lovers to name a seat in Southam Hall and support the NAC’s work in performance, creation and learning across Canada.

Q. What is the goal of the campaign?

A. The goal is to raise $300,000 – 60 seats at $5,000 each – which can be pledged over five years.

Q. What’s the best spot to catch a performance in Southam Hall?

A. We have tried a number of seats since the NAC opened in 1969. This year, we named one in the middle-left of the orchestra. But there are so many great vantage points in Southam Hall!

*Susan Peterson d’Aquino has served two prime ministers and five finance ministers as a senior public servant. Thomas d’Aquino is a business leader, entrepreneur, corporate director, policy activist and author.

Prélude magazine – The People
Fall 2017