Rendez-vous à l’hôtel: dance in intimate spaces

The Canada Dance Festival pushes the boundaries of dance as an art form and audiences can once again look forward to a unique and diverse program in 2016. Among the highlights is Montreal's La 2e Porte à Gauche, a creative collective that focuses on collaboration. Their works bring together artists from different disciplines to develop new performance experiences. 

La 2e Porte à Gauche will bring their innovative work Rendez-vous à l'hôtel to Ottawa June 10-11th. The work is a series of duets that will be performed in four hotel rooms for an audience of 80, separated into four groups. For performer Guillaume Rodrigue performing in a hotel room provides some interesting artistic challenges. "You have to find different ways to connect with your audience, because the audience is literally right there, in your face." says Guillaume.  "So you have to find a way to play with that, find ways to make the experience as much fun as if you were on stage."

Because of their proximity to the performers audiences will have a very thorough understanding of the stamina required by the performers. "In one night you've gone through four runs of this piece and you're able to incorporate what you experienced with the first one, to the second one, to the third one." says Peter Trosztmer. "It's challenging. And then to be able to reface that challenge again and again is quite wonderful."