(Re)Connecting Through Music

Kymball Sykes © photo: Fred Cattroll

Today I played a woodwind trio concert with my colleagues Chip Hamann and Chris Millard at the Kenneth E. Spenser Home as part of the Health Arts Performance program.  I also had an “it’s a small world experience.” After the concert, some of the residents of the home came up to us and told us how much they enjoyed the concert. The last person I spoke to gave us her good wishes and I happened to ask her if she was from New Brunswick. She said “no she was originally from North Vancouver.” I said “I grew up in North Vancouver.”

We both commented that it’s a small world. However it didn’t end there. I asked her where she lived and it turns out that her house and my parent’s house were about one block from each other. She said “my children played in the North Vancouver Youth Band”. I said “I played in the North Vancouver Youth Band”. “Your kids wouldn’t be in their late forties early fifties by any chance” I asked. She said “yes they are”. “What’s your name” I asked?  “Mrs Holloway” she said. The connection was made. I remembered her face and her children. I had been in the band with her children. She remembered that my first job had been with the Honolulu Symphony. A wonderful torrent or memories came back for both of us. I was thrilled. It was a chance encounter through music that I am sure will be the highlight of tour for me.

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