Realizing a fuller Canadian story through Indigenous Theatre Works and Performance Practice

Since the fall of 2012,  NAC English Theatre has been working with Indigenous artists and leaders towards the realization of The Study. Together students and professionals alike explored aspects of the Indigenous body of performance work created across this vast land. 

The Study culminated in The Repast, an extended two-day performance and conversation event. "My hope is that it just made people want to know more - want to find out more about those works - want to go see those works." said NAC English Theatre Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley. The Cycle, which included The Summit held last year at Banff and The Study and The Repast was co-curated by Stanley with Yvette Nolan with the help of NAC Artist in Residence Corey Payette.

It was a very powerful experience that profoundly affected the many people who attended. There were moments of laughter and tears. For some it was an opportunity to share experience and knowledge. For others, The Study provided a space for artists and students to hear their lives reflected repeatedly and beautifully though the mastery of their theatrical practice and their rich body of work.

Many new resources have been developed since embarking on this project in 2012. They include a growing list of close to 400 plays by Indigenous writers hosted on the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) website; a First Nations Talent Bank and SpiderWebMap that, in tandem with, locates Indigenous Performing Artists across this country. Visit the NAC website to learn more about The Study, and to view the livestream archives. 

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