Q&A: Lori Marchand, Managing Director, Indigenous Theatre

Lori Marchand, Managing Director, NAC Indigenous Theatre © Barbara Zimonick

Q. You became the first-ever Managing Director of the NAC Indigenous Theatre in April 2018. What has been your focus so far?

A. I’ve been working closely with Artistic Director Kevin Loring and our growing Indigenous Theatre artistic team to choose the works to be presented as part of our first season in the fall of 2019.

Q. How do you select the works?

A. We talk to incredible Indigenous artists and companies from across Canada and see outstanding works that deserve to be presented on the NAC’s national stages.

Q. Before coming to Ottawa you spent two decades as the highly respected head of the Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, B.C. How have you found the transition?

 A. I actually grew up in Ottawa and saw my first play at the NAC as a child. My father, Len Marchand Sr., was the first Indigenous Member of Parliament to be elected and take a seat in the House of Commons in 1968 from the riding of Kamloops-Cariboo.

Q. So this is more of a homecoming for you?

A. Absolutely!

Q. What motivated you to take on the job?

A. The NAC has made a historic commitment to build the first national Indigenous theatre department in the world. It’s a significant milestone for Indigenous voices and expression everywhere. It’s a beautiful, daunting challenge. I am inspired and honoured to take it on.

Find out more: indigenoustheatre.ca