Q&A: Colin Traquair, Trombone, NAC Orchestra

Colin Traquair, Trombone, NAC Orchestra © Trevor Lush

Q. You’re one of the NAC Orchestra’s most passionate coffee lovers. What’s your drink?

A. Equator makes a piccolo, which is a small, very intense latte. You don’t ever want me to play a piccolo, however.

Q. Were you happy when Equator Coffee Roasters opened its NAC location?

A. Are you kidding? I was thrilled. 

Q. What makes a good cup of coffee?

A. It’s essential that the beans are freshly roasted and ground. Also, a good grind is very important.

Q. What do classical music and coffee have in common?

A. There is so much depth of flavour in good coffee, much like there is far more complexity in a piece by, say, Prokofiev, than what appears on the surface. Italian is also used in both, like doppio, fortissimo, vivace, molto pericoloso...

Q. How has Equator changed your life?

A. Great coffee can be had within two minutes of Southam Hall. It’s also a great place to watch the goings-on in the centre of Ottawa.

Q. Do you bring your trombone with you?

A. Not usually, but if I was desperate for a coffee fix, I wouldn’t hesitate. However, carrying a trombone and a piccolo at the same time can be confusing.

Q. You really love your coffee, don’t you?

A. Life is too short to drink lousy coffee.

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