Okinum : podcast series


In the Anishnabemowin language, Okinum means dam or barrier. Inspired by the recurring dream of a giant beaver, Okinum is an intimate reflection on the notion of inner barriers, an ode to the power of dreams and intuition. Speech is liberated in order to go up the river of the ancestors' memory and to come to terms, above all, with the different facets of a multiple identity.

Multidisciplinary artist Émilie Monnet continues her residency at Centre du théâtre d'aujourd'hui in Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyaang / Montréal with an immersive experience in three languages (French, Anishnabemowin, English). She combines theater, sound and video in a unique, circular and spellbinding dramaturgy. A series of dreamlike tableaux are woven together, where space and time are not conceived in a linear way, a true testimony of an inspiring filiation.

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