May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

NAC Superfans:  Andrea Mills and Michael Nagy

Andrea Mills and Michael Nagy at the 2015 NAC Gala.

It was Andrea who fell in love with the NAC first. In 1988, before she met her husband Michael, Andrea regularly attended NAC Theatre performances with a friend whose parents gave her their subscription when they went South for the winter.

Andrea enjoyed the theatre so much that she bought her own subscription. By the time she met Michael, her love for the NAC was firmly established. And as Andrea and Michael’s relationship blossomed, so did their connection to the NAC.

In addition to English Theatre, the couple subscribe to Dance and attend a wide range of shows from the NAC Orchestra, Indigenous Theatre, and Popular Music and Variety. In 2008, special guest Tony Bennett drew them to their first NAC Gala. That year they were in the balcony, but by the time Paul Anka guest starred in 2013, Andrea and Michael had made their way to the front row.

Paul Anka’s performance is one of many that stand out in their memories, Andrea said. “He was very engaging. He took selfies and performed half an hour over schedule. From our seats, we could smell the dinner that was ready to be served after the show!”

Andrea and Michael adore live entertainment so much that they often buy extra tickets so they can introduce friends to the magic of music, theatre and dance.

“Over the past decade we have shared our love of the performing arts with others who might not consider it their first option for a night’s entertainment,” Andrea said. “We have brought a wide range of friends to the NAC, from young to old. It is fun to watch their reactions to shows,” Michael added.

Andrea and Michael’s relationship with the NAC goes even further than attending performances: they have been monthly donors to the NAC Foundation since 2002 and have volunteered in the Ruddy Lounge, the NAC Foundation’s donor lounge, for three years.

With the NAC playing such a huge role in their lives, Andrea and Michael are very much looking forward to the day it reopens. In the meantime, they have a regular rotation of their favourite artists —many of whom they saw perform live at the NAC — on their playlist. “They bring back memories of wonderful experiences at the NAC,” Michael said.

When the NAC reopens, this eclectic couple is most looking forward to watching a Dance performance, he added. “After this ‘quiet’ period, live dance will bring a burst of energy. The action on stage and being with an audience will be absolutely wonderful.”

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