NAC Presents goes national

NAC Presents artist William Prince will perform at the Regina Folk Festival and the Winnipeg Folk Festival as part of NAC Presents Across Canada © Photo: Mike Latschislaw

When Heather Gibson began her tenure as the new Executive Director of NAC Presents she had a meaningful conversation with Peter Herrndorf, President and CEO of the NAC.  “Peter told me he wanted the NAC to have a greater presence nationally,” Heather recalls.  “He wanted us to go farther to express the ‘national’ in National Arts Centre.”

Heather took that request to heart.  She phoned her contacts and started traveling to other cities to see what they were doing.  Her hard work paid off.  In 2017-2018, the NAC will collaborate with partner organizations in support of the Canadian music scene.  In fact, NAC Presents Across Canada will help support nearly 40 concerts in 10 Canadian cities.

These concerts will showcase Canadian musicians in all genres. “The local presenting organization will decide what they’d like us to be involved in,” Heather explains.  “For example, we just agreed to do a couple of shows in Montreal with artists who are new to the scene.  Meanwhile, in St. John’s we’re going to have a very well-known act.”

By working together, the NAC and its partners will help emerging artists develop audiences across Canada, create touring opportunities and build national networks for both the artists and the organizations involved, says Heather.  “If we can introduce the NAC to musicians in places like Yellowknife and Regina, we can one day get those artists to perform at the NAC and be part of the growth and development of their career.”

Ultimately, NAC Presents Across Canada will give more people the chance to embrace the arts and enjoy the best of Canadian music in their own community.  And, your generosity helps make it possible.  As Heather says, “Donors who believe in the mandate of the NAC can be proud to help fund a program that supports the development of the arts in every part of this country.”

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