Musical inspiration fuelled by coffee

NAC Orchestra violinist Carissa Klopoushak is passionate about music and coffee. She has travelled around the globe performing and takes great pleasure in discovering the local coffee shop scene in the cities she visits.

"I think we all care about the details in life. In making sure that everything from our morning coffee to the concert we perform at night is how it should be really - how it deserves to be."

For many of us coffee is an important and often necessary start to our day. We have our favourite brands and styles of coffee - even a favourite mug or cup from which we drink. Beethoven himself was said to count and grind exactly 60 coffee beans each morning as part of his morning coffee ritual.

"There is something about coffee house culture and music that go hand in hand." says Carissa. "Of course not really for a big orchestra - they can't really shove in there. But the composers and performers can be there beforehand or after the fact. And that is definitely something that we do."

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