Molly Johnson sets the stage for Ontario Scene

When Molly Johnson walked on stage at the programming announcement for Ontario Scene she had the audience in the palm of her hand. Her trademark smokey voice and sassy stage presence transported her listeners from an afternoon press launch to a late night club.

Bille Holiday's music has been a part of Molly Johnson's repertoire for many years, but with her latest album Because of Billie Johnson worked to secure the copyright proceeds from the songs written by Holiday herself, for the Boys and Girls Club of Canada for a period of one year. It is a wonderful and fitting tribute to Holiday. "I always say that I'm because of Billie" says Johnson. "I'm because of the great generation of civil rights that allowed me to have the great life that I have today."

Molly Johnson performs at the NAC on May 1st as part of the 2015 Ontario Scene.

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