Message from the National Arts Centre Foundation CEO - April 2018

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Jayne Watson © PBL Photography

It’s been almost a year since 150 volunteers cut the ribbon to our newly renovated National Arts Centre and we’re still basking in the afterglow. 

We can’t celebrate the success of our brilliant new building without thinking about our esteemed President and CEO Peter Herrndorf, who was there from the beginning, shepherding the project through the complex planning and construction phases. 

We all know how lucky we’ve been to have Peter at the helm of the NAC for nearly two decades.  He has brought an incredible level of energy and vision to the job.  In fact, the NAC Foundation wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Peter’s understanding that philanthropy was going to play a key role in the success of the NAC going forward.

Peter helped to create the Foundation in 1999 and, as a result, he’s helped many of the artists who perform on stages across Canada.  Education programs, national and international tours, and new creation all got their start thanks to the vision of our esteemed leader.

And so, it is with a bittersweet feeling in our hearts that we celebrate Peter’s extraordinary work as he steps down on June 2.  Peter motivated us to be better at our jobs and think about how we could do more to support his vision for the NAC as a world-leading centre of excellence for performance, creation and learning.  He is an inspiration to us all and the NAC will continue to benefit from his leadership for years to come. 

Our donors are an inspiration too.  The impact you’ve had on the performing arts community in Canada can’t be overstated.  Most recently, our donors have stepped up to support the creation of new works — a wonderful testament to your faith in what the NAC is doing in the future.  Your support sends a very strong message that the arts matter in Canada.  It’s a belief you share with Peter Herrndorf and all of us who are passionate about the performing arts.

With gratitude,

Jayne Watson

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