Making Giving Easy

Julie and Richard Pellisier-Lush with students at a school presentation on Prince Edward Island © Patricia Bourque

Helping to ensure a bright future for the NAC and the performing arts in Canada may be more affordable than you realize

A Will is a declaration of whom and what is important to you.  It gives you the opportunity to provide for the people you hold dear as well as the charities that play an important role in your life – organizations like the NAC.

As a supporter, chances are you’ve enjoyed many performances on our stages and would like to share your joy with younger generations.  Of course, you also want to remember your loved ones and ensure they are cared for.

There is a way you can do both by making a residual bequest in your Will to the NAC Foundation. 

Here’s how it works:

You choose to donate a percentage, for example 1%, 2% or 5%, of what remains in your estate after all other provisions to your family and loved ones have been made.  Your gift also generates a tax receipt to help offset taxes.

A charitable gift in your Will to the NAC Foundation, however large or small, is truly powerful.  It gives you the opportunity to acknowledge all the pleasure the arts have brought into your life and allows you to share that pleasure with others for years to come.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss making a residual gift in your Will to the NAC Foundation please contact Barry Bloom at 613 947-7000 ext. 314.

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