Making Giving Easy

Votre don aura un impact réel!

Your donation will make a real impact!

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Help the performing arts in Canada thrive through a gift of retirement funds.

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation that comes when you take your seat at the NAC.  Whether it’s a concert, play or dance performance you know you’re about to be moved beyond words, captivated by the stories and artists you’ll see and hear on the stage.

Many of our supporters tell us they want to give others the chance to experience this joy for themselves.  They wonder what more they can do to support the NAC and help the performing arts thrive now and in the future

One way supporters like you can make a lasting difference is by using your RRSPs or RRIFs to make a lifetime gift.

If you’ve already accumulated more money than you’ll need for retirement or if you have other forms of income like a pension or real estate, you can withdraw money from your RRSP or RRIF to donate to the NAC.  Of course any funds you withdraw from the account are fully taxable but the donation credit you receive will offset the tax.  This could put you in a position to make a larger donation than you’d normally give and do even more to share your passion for the arts with others right now.

Making a gift of retirement funds is easy and can be arranged through your financial advisor.   

If you would like more information or would like to discuss donating retirement funds to the NAC Foundation please contact Barry Bloom at 613 947-7000 ext. 314.

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