Happy Music Monday from Maestro Pinchas Zukerman!

On May 5, Canadians from across the country will join together to celebrate Music Monday, a day to emphasize the importance of music education. To celebrate Music Monday’s tenth anniversary, schoolchildren from 10 Canadian cities will be linked through a live webcast to perform and share in the joy of music making.

At the National Arts Centre, we have our own music champion – Pinchas Zukerman. In addition to being a world-renowned musician and conductor, Pinchas has a real passion for teaching. Whether in person while on tour, via video-conference at the NAC's Hexagon studio, or at the Manhattan School of Music, Pinchas loves to share his knowledge with the audiences and artists of the future.

We invite you to spread the word about Music Monday on social media (#MM10), and to celebrate the delight music brings to our lives.

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