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Isobel and Albert Adey: A Legacy in the Name of Love

Music Alive Program

Dr. Albert Adey loved the performing arts. He was a fervent music lover and a devoted patron of the NAC. Albert’s passion is evident in his collection of classical music. When he passed away he left behind no fewer than 2,000 records that have since been donated to an Ottawa school.

It was Isobel’s loyalty and love for her husband that prompted her to make a significant bequest to the National Arts Centre Foundation. Generosity was in Isobel’s nature. She selflessly dedicated time and energy to a variety of local organizations and was best known as the founder of the International Club of Ottawa, a club created to promote friendship between Canadians and Internationals temporarily living in Ottawa. In recognition of her efforts, Isobel was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and was named Woman of the Year in 1992.

Today, we at the NAC Foundation are recognizing Isobel too. When Isobel passed away, she left behind a legacy of opportunity and learning that is now enhancing the lives of emerging artists and countless young people across the country.

Isobel’s bequest was put to good use, helping to fund last season’s NAC Orchestra Atlantic Canada Tour, in particular the educational component that brought classical music into the hearts and lives of school students, many of whom had never before heard a live orchestra perform.

A portion of the bequest also went toward funding Prairie Scene in May 2011. The festival brought more than 500 performers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan to Ottawa, where they had the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of delighted audiences and dozens of presenters and talent scouts from across Canada and around the world.

 In addition, Albert and Isobel’s legacy is reaching across the country, into rural areas in Saskatchewan and Alberta through the Music Alive Program, which brings musicians and classical music into many classrooms.

At the NAC Foundation, we are immensely grateful to Albert and Isobel Adey. Their passion and generosity will continue to influence the performing arts for many years to come.